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about hidden sales

MYHABIT has a little secret: even after a sale expires, the items from it are still available for ordering. All you need is a direct link. keeps links to all past sales that you can order from and presents them to you in one clean grid. They are automatically included alongside the current sales, so there is nothing you have to do in order to see them.

search tip treats all keywords as substring searches, so if you type "shirt" in the search field the grid will update to include items that contain the word "shirt", such as "T-shirt" and even "undershirt", in their titles.

why sort?

Sorting is probably the most powerful feature of The fact that you can have all currently available items sorted by discount means that all the best deals will always be on top of the grid. Or if, for example, you just want to buy the cheapest pair of shoes in your size, you can have your search results sorted by sale price. You can do that by clicking on the header of the "sale price" column.

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